Hunter Regional Soloists Competition 2017 Results

A message from the event secretary…

On behalf of Toronto Brass and the Hunter Regional Band Assoc Championships Event Organizing Team, I woulld like to congratulate you on your efforts and results over last weekends event.

It was certainly a pleasure to sit back and hear everyone performing and enjoying their performance.

A full selection of photos from the event can be found on our public facebook page (you dont need to sign into facebook to see or download the photos). – saturday – sunday

Thank-you and hope to see you next year.


Program Hall 01 A Sat 9 Sept 2017
Program Hall 02 B Sat 9 Sept 2017
Program Hall 03 A Sun 10 Sept 2017
Program Hall 04 B Sun 10 Sept 2017
2017 Perpetual Trophies